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Children are not small adults- is the adage which is commonly used and hence the needs and care of children requires a thorough, systematic and inclusive approach. We, at the Manipal Hospital believe that every child needs to be specially nurtured and Manipal advanced Children's Centre cares for in these tender years and our goal is to help the child recover well and reach their full potential.

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Message from the Chairman Section

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Dr N. Karthik Nagesh

For nearly 25 years, Manipal Hospital Bangalore has been synonymous with top of the line neonatal and paediatric care and has served as a major referral center for ill children in this part of the country. The Manipal Advanced Children's Centre is reputedly Bangalore's finest child care facility that has the added advantage of being attached to a multi-specialty hospital with the capabilities to handle the most complex cases, requiring multi-disciplinary expertise and treatment infrastructure.

Dr. Karthik Nagesh, Chairman of the Manipal Advanced Children's Centre says "We have had the fortune of building a formidable reputation in the care of critically ill newborns and children in the last more than two decades. Our legacy of excellence has been shaped by the advanced technology and care provided by our highly reputed and well known super specialists. With trained Pediatricians in all fields of paediatric care, we are considered leaders throughout the country. We are now poised to become world leaders in advanced care for children through our well established clinical services, world-class training programs for Paediatricians, constant up-gradation in technology and research in different frontiers with the support of our advanced lab medicine and radiology services."

Dr N. Karthik Nagesh MD.,FRCPCH
Manipal Advanced Children's Centre
Manipal Hospital, Bangalore

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